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03. no angels
04. summer skeletons
05. take a chance


COUNTDOWN TO SEASON 12: a gifset per episode

→ season 4, episode 18: things are looking down

ruby and yang look nothing alike and have completely different last names and yet were expected to just believe theyre sisters. somethings wrong here. im on to you monty


Thats it. Thats the whole comic.

i frequently get north and south dakota confused with those two russian jaegar pilots in pacific rim

rt meme - [2/2] characters - Agent North Dakota


wow i didn’t mean to delete the original post sorry


wow i didn’t mean to delete the original post sorry


sometimes i’m reading a book and i think the characters are in room but then i read the next paragraph and they are sitting in a tree in alabama and i need to change the whole scenario in my head 



Twenty Amazing Ladies (3/20) - Mary Lambert 

I am a big girl. A voluptuous, curvy, dress-wearing lesbian. I love my body; it’s the only one I’ll ever have. I eat a lot of greens and work out and drink gin martinis and put M&Ms in my froyo and sometimes I don’t do anything but watch Project Runway. 

I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all of those things, and so are you. Own your good and bad, and all the scary parts that you’ve been covering up because it is yours and no amount of judgement can tell you how to love your body. In the words of Sonya Renee, the body is not an apology. 
You are magic.

wow she’s amazing


Team Lads would like to battle!


Team Lads would like to battle!

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make me choose

baebradunkelmanteam nice dynamite or xray and vav

↳  We’re kind of a package deal.